Basic Coaching Package


Must have completed Safety Induction program

Session Times: Available on application

COST: $60.00

Age: 7+ years

Duration: 5 x 45 min lessons


Basic Coaching Package : Develop your archery skill

If you’re interested in continuing with archery after a one hour session, then our five lesson Basic Coaching is just what you need. To enrol in this course you must have completed the Safety Induction program.

Our Beginner’s Course covers the ten steps of shooting technique that are the stepping stones and basis of good consistent shooting.

Each 45 minute lesson includes all equipment and tuition by skilled instructor. On completion of the course you’ll receive a certificate recognising your achievement.

You can complete the course at your own pace, with lessons not necessarily taken on consecutive weekends, and we’ll provide a checklist card to keep track of your progress.

Advance Coaching

Pre-requisite: Must have completed the Safety Induction program and the Basic Coaching.

Session Times: Available on application

COST – $120.00

Duration: 4 x 1 hour lessons

Advance Coaching : Further your archery technique

After you’ve completed the Safety Induction and Basic Coaching, you’ll have the elementary archery skills necessary to enable you to move on to the next level of the sport, the Advance Coaching.

This program addresses participant shooting inconsistencies to further improve technique.

Each session provide participants with the opportunity to query shooting aspects and request assistance for individual problems.

Sessions are supervised by skilled instructor, who will assist the archer to develop skills to make recreational archery that much more enjoyable or to undertake the steps to competitive archery.

This session, with instructor on hand to answer any questions or to assist with any problems, will add to the archer’s confidence and will complement the previous lessons.

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